Kids Outdoor Club was started by a San Francisco father of three children- Scott Wilkinson- who strongly believes that the great outdoors is one of the world's greatest teachers. Kids Outdoor Club’s philosophy is to encourage children to self-direct their own day, while at the same time exposing them to, and supporting participation in, organized group games and sports in a positive and safe outdoor environment. You can imagine the results. Kids absolutely thrive! Confidence is gained, leadership skills are borne, and exercise is off the charts.


At Kids Outdoor Club, we believe that the great outdoors is a platform for health, happiness and success. Many of us were fortunate to spend our time after school and in the summer outdoors with our friends- climbing trees, meeting friends, collecting frogs, playing football or soccer or baseball, or making mud pies in the rain. Kids Outdoor Club allows our own children to do just that. At Kids Outdoor Club, children are encouraged to explore, experiment, and create. We call this “self-directing” their experiences.


After searching San Francisco for the just the right location, Scott settled on the west end of Golden Gate Park, Speedway and Lindley Meadows. The meadows are surrounded trees and and plants, are frequented by hawks and other exciting wildlife (banana slugs!) and there are numerous destinations within a short walking distance. We believe that Golden Gate Park presents a one-of-a-kind opportunity for our urban children to get a taste of the outdoors and nature that can’t be duplicated. Our campers absolutely love it!


At Kids Outdoor Club, our coaches are energetic, safe and are focused on the children. Our coaches have experience working with children and many have been with us for years. In the summer, we have coaches that return every year because they love our program and the children. To read more about our coaches, click here.


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Safety is our top priority at Kids Outdoor Club. We set up boundary markers around our camp area and clear rules that our campers must follow. We start each day during our winter, spring and summer camps reminding our campers of our important rules. Parents and caregivers are required to sign their child(ren) in and out each day and provide us with contact information. We maintain low ratios- coach to camper ratios range from 4:1 to 9:1, depending upon the age and activity of the group.


The bonus to parents of Kids Outdoor Club is twofold: (i) we are ultra-flexible with our punch card program, which allows you to come any day you want, and (ii) your children are led by our energetic and engaging coaches, who know exactly how to ensure your child has fun. Come out for a free trial. For information about our different programs, click here.


Kids Outdoor Club is a child's paradise. Activities range from playing in a “World Cup” soccer match to classic games such as capture the flag, obstacle courses and Frisbee contests, to exploring nature all over Golden Gate Park and San Francisco’s beaches. If you choose, your child can also venture out on a field trip in our van to popular destinations such as Giants games, Chinatown or fishing at Lake Merced. In other words, a place where kids can be kids! 


In September 2010, KOC Sports was launched. KOC Sports is a segment of Kids Outdoor Club that focuses on sports coaching in a variety of sports. Initially, we are focused on coaching soccer and baseball, but we hope and plan to expand quickly. Led by our founder, Scott Wilkinson, an experienced coach and former Division I college soccer player, we coach organized teams as well as groups of children ranging from ages 3 to 12. We hire assistant coaches with coaching experience and a background working with children. Our coaches subscribe to our positive coaching model, which fosters individual and team skill development, but more importantly instills a love of the sport and self confidence in your child. To learn more about our soccer programs in particular, click here.