Our Coaches


All adult coaches at Kids Outdoor Club are fingerprinted. Most coaches are trained in CPR. Our coaches frequently undergo training and review of our important safety rules. We frequently receive comments from parents about our friendly, engaging, energetic and responsible coaches. We purposefully select coaches based on their level of responsibility and how they engage with children. Most of our staff has worked with children over a period of years, from running summer camps, to working with youth as a volunteer, to being a camper themselves, to babysitting.


Generally, we have a Director and 4 adult coaches on staff in our two age groups, 3-5 year olds and 6-11 year olds. We team our adult coaches with high school coaches and break our campers into groups of no more than 15 campers. On nature excursions, our younger campers are grouped together with a maximum of 10 children and a minimum of 2 coaches. We have found that our young campers adore their high school and college age coaches.


We also have middle school junior campers who assist our senior coaches in games, hikes and other activities. Click here for more information on our Middle School Junior Coach & Camp Program.


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Coach Profiles

Coach Scott:

Founder & Owner. 45 years old. Scott was born and raised in Santa Clara, and took his first job as a CPA in San Francisco 23 years ago. He’s been playing sports his whole life, including soccer, baseball, football, water polo, basketball, golf and track. Scott was a 4-year starter in soccer at St. Mary's College in Moraga, CA. He has a lovely wife, Kim, and three young children (Kyle, 13, Nicole, 11, and Molly, 8). They have enjoyed countless hours outdoors in San Francisco, especially participating in sports and recreational activities. Scott has been actively involved in coaching children's sports for the past 18 years. Over the past five years he has read, learned and focused on facilitating a positive environment for children to enjoy recreation and sports. At Kids Outdoor Club, the cornerstone philosophy is unstructured free playtime, which current scientific research embraces. Scott is happy to know that Kids Outdoor Club is at the cutting-edge of what doctors say is pivotal for our young children. Additionally, Scott is real competitive and believes strongly in sports for children. He spends a considerable amount of time learning and applying positive coaching techniques. Scott loves children, the outdoors, and sports. Nothing excites him more than a smile on a child's face when that child has reached his/her goals.

Coach Jack:

Jack Doyle was born and raised in Seattle, Washington. Jack grew up in a very outdoorsy family, vacations were spent camping and hiking. Jack’s childhood was spent outdoors either playing in the forest behind his house or playing little league baseball, soccer, and football. Jack attended Carroll College in Helena, Montana then spent a year volunteering with homeless teens in San Diego. Currently, Jack splits his time between being a campus minister at the University of San Francisco and being an after school program leader at George Washington High School. Since starting in college as a YMCA youth sports coach, Jack has been working with kids . Jack loves having the opportunity to get kids excited about being active and enjoying the outdoor world around them.

Coach Jason:

Jason has over ten years experience working with children-- as camp counselor, child development major, classroom assistant, and childcare provider-- and is the happy father of Maïa, 7, and Sasha, 4. Jason is a firm believer in the Kids Outdoor Club mission and grateful to the Club for enabling his family to divide their time between California and his wife's native France. Jason is passionate about world travel, the great outdoors, and environmental education. Jason grew up in Southern California wrestling, rock climbing, and playing football and beach volleyball, but for exercise nowadays, Jason mainly enjoys hiking, backpacking, and camping.

Coach Vince:

Born and raised in Northern California, Vince Goble graduated from UC, Santa Barbara in 2002, and has since spent all of his time with children at Kids Outdoor Club or in Sebastopol, his hometown. He has also spent time traveling to foreign countries and is fluent in several languages. Vince loves everything about the outdoors. Because he is very courteous, honest and fun, kids love to be around Vince.

Coach Kit:

Born and raised in Easton, CT, Kit O’Sullivan has a Fine Arts Degree from the College of William and Mary in Virginia. Kit worked with cats and dogs as a veterinary assistant during 4 years of college. Kit moved to San Francisco 4 years ago. Since then, Kit has worked as a Manager at the Sports Basement in the Presidio, helping with running shoes, gear, and all things outdoor-oriented. Kit enjoys running, cycling, basketball, hiking, and camping. In his spare time, Kit enjoys his hobby of landscape painting. Kit worked at summer camps for kids in high school and has enjoyed working with Kids Outdoor Club since Fall 2007.

Coach Pete:

27 years old. Born and raised in Redding, CT. Has a dual degree in Cognitive Science and Modern Culture/Media from Brown University. Moved west to San Francisco 5 years ago, and currently writes and performs music for his band, Birdmonster. Other professional experience includes editorial work for Wired Magazine, brain research at Brown and Stanford Universities, as well as summer camps and classroom programs within the Connecticut School System. When not playing music or having fun at Kids Outdoor Club, Peter enjoys backpacking, tennis, basketball, and various aquatic activities.

Coach Zoe:

Born and raised in San Francisco, Zoe Ching graduated from Urban High School and is now in college in Seattle. Zoe is focusing her classes in: Environmental Science, Sociology, Psychology and Child Education. Zoe has worked at Grattan Elementary School as a substitute teacher for the 3rd grade classroom. Zoe also has babysat for the past five years for many families. While working with Kids Outdoor Club for the past three years, Zoe has started our "Art Station," which encompasses weaving, yard baskets, and “friendship bracelets”. Zoe enjoys crafts, being outdoors, writing, playing basketball, tennis and soccer, and exploring San Francisco.

Coach Matt:

A freshman in college, Matt Bertken is a goofball. He is very enthusiastic, and kids love to play games with him. Last summer, Matt led the coaches in our weekly fashion show, where Matt would put on small clothes left in the lost and found and kids would giggle with delight. By end of summer, our fashion show was a huge hit.

Coach Scarlett:

Born and raised in San Francisco and a graduate of Convent High School. Scarlett Kirk is currently a freshman at Woodbury College, where plays both soccer and basketball for the college. She was MVP of the league in both sports at Convent High School. Scarlett is a gem and the kids have a ton of fun with her at camp.

Coach Brooke & Brittany(twin sisters):

Born and raised in San Francisco, Brooke and Brittany Hansen are seniors at Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory, currently on the varsity tennis and soccer teams and members of the school chorus. Brooke and Brittany are currently torn between attending UCLA, UC Davis and several other prestigious colleges in fall 2011. Brooke and Brittany enjoy working with kids and have become two of the most loved coaches at Kids Outdoor Club. They always have a smile on their faces! Brooke and Brittany love everything about the outdoors- hiking, sports, climbing trees, and everything else.

Coach Ivan:

Born and raised in the East Bay, Ivan is a junior in high school. Ivan Ackely plays high school football and also mountain bikes and skateboards. Ivan has been a summer coach at Kids Outdoor Club for several years and is very popular with the campers.

Coach Nick:

Born and raised in San Francisco, Nick is currently attending Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory. Nick loves being outdoors and playing sports, including soccer, snowboarding, skateboarding and basketball. Nick is devoted to providing your children with a playful and inclusive summer experience.

Coach Jordan:

Born and raised in San Francisco, Jordan Byers is currently a sophomore at University High School. Jordan loves playing sports, including baseball, basketball, football and golf. Jordan is full of fun and energy!

Coach Sterling:

Currently a junior at Stuart Hall High School, Sterling Kirk stars on the soccer team (and is on the Olympic Development Regional team for the State of California). Sterling is an avid sports nut and is super fun and playful with the kids.

Coach Yun Ji:

Yun Ji Bertken is a softball star at Convent High School. Yun Ji is a sophomore and was our first coach down the mudslide (created by our campers) last summer. Yun Ji is a joy at camp with the kids.

Coach Mia:

Born and raised in San Francisco, Mia Vernic is currently a freshman at St Ignatius High School. Mia is a graduate of our middle school junior coach program. Mia is an avid soccer player and a sweetheart. Her huge smile brings the kids to camp asking for Mia.

Coach Alex:

Born and raised in San Francisco, Alex is currently a sophomore at Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory, where plays on the soccer team. Alex is a graduate of our middle school junior coach program and has been with us for 3 summers. Alex is a hoot with the kids!

Coach Kyle & Alex:

Our most recent graduates of our middle school junior coach program, both Kyle and Alex will be graduating from Cathedral in June and will head to Urban High School and University, respectively, in fall 2011. No coach can outlast these two young men in terms of pure active fun in playing games with the kids. Our campers are constantly asking Alex and Kyle to chase them in the woods, a tag game that requires a lot of running and sprinting.